Street Art Bogotá Style

Just a few pics from a Sunday afternoon bike ride near my apartment…

Quisiera Ser CiegoMost of the following pictures are from a spot along Avenida de Quito (Carrera 30) near calle 70. This picture shows graffiti that was painted over a city-sponsored street-art contest. For a picture of the previous painting click here.


Blue Face

Brown Flea Panorama


Smoking Cowboy

Los Feos Somos Mas
The caption here loosely translates: “There are more of us who are ugly!!!”

Polo Corrupcion

Kate Panorama

Enjoy Kate
Kate Moss and Coke

Indigenous Face

Zinc Tagging


Yours Truly
Yours truly, or a shadow of my former self.

Basketball Reflections

Soberania Que
Less artistic, but more overtly political: “What about our sovereignty?”
Teologia Liberacion
“Long live liberation theology,” on a building at the National University.

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