John Lee Anderson on Chavez, Che and Colombia

Cambio Magazine published a short interview today with US author John Lee Anderson. He is a regular columnist for The New Yorker and has covered wars all over the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. He is perhaps best known for his acclaimed biography of Che Guevara, though I also recommend Guerrillas: Journeys in the Insurgent … More John Lee Anderson on Chavez, Che and Colombia

Paramilitaries "Vacationing" in Sucre

Sucre’s newly-elected Governor, Jorge “Tuto” Barraza, convened his first security council meeting yesterday, apparently in response to citizen complaints about the emergence of new paramilitary groups in San Onofre. Today’s El Meridiano de Sucre reports that after meeting for a few hours the security council determined that the citizens of San Onofre were “just confused.” … More Paramilitaries "Vacationing" in Sucre

A little article about my appointment from the October edition of the Alliance of Baptists Newsletter. (One tiny correction to the headline… I´m still a proud member of Metro Baptist Church.) Click on the image to enlarge it.